How to Plan a Perfect Stag Party

Saying goodbye to singlehood is a momentous event in every man’s life. Hence, organizing a stag night or weekend is a worthwhile responsibility for any best man or groom. Remember, the stag party will be the talk before the wedding, during the wedding, and years after the wedding. Are you looking to throw off a stag party that will leave your guests in a daze? Here are a few key tips to a Perfect Stag Party.

#1 Plan Ahead

If the wedding is a few months away, you’ve got to start planning early. Keep in mind: the stag party ought to happen before the big auspicious day! When making plans, try to be as selective as possible. The secret to a perfect stag bash is the unpredictability of activities. You’ve got to keep the guest guessing and filling them up with anxious apprehensions for your activities. Of course, you can’t plan all these in a few days – plan!

#2 Decide on the number of Guests

Well, the number of guests greatly influences the kind of stag party you’ll have. You’ve got to decide on a favorable number of guys attending the big day. A good number should be anywhere around 10 to 12 people. You’ll have an easier task when it comes to booking your accommodation, destination, and carrying out activities. Imaging quad biking with 25 guys; you’ll have to wait around for some good time! It is important to only invite people acquainted with your gang. Otherwise, remember to include a get-to-know part at the beginning of the party to initiate the new members into the group.

#3 Select the Date

Of course, the hardest thing when it comes to arranging for a party is selecting a date that suits everyone. Identifying the date that works for the group is essential for the planning process. The groom can help narrow down to a day that suits most of his valued guests. Remember: it is his day – you’ve got to prioritize the people he wants around that day.

#4 Make a Choice of Theme

Deciding on a theme allows you to enjoy easier plans. The theme can play the central role of the party. Go for anything that will jazz up the party. However, you might want to consider what the groom prefers before deciding on a theme. Also, considering what guests would enjoy having is paramount; you don’t what to have a pouting from during the bash!

#5 Prepare a Budget

Ideally, the best time to hold a stag party is a fortnight before the wedding day. Here, the groom will have enough time to recover from the frenzy of the bash and set his mind for the big day. Since there’s going to be several people attending the stag party, expect varied tastes and preferences. Thereupon, you’ll have to consider how much you’ll need to run the whole bash.

#6 Venue for the Stag Party

Among the most important decisions to make is whether to stay at home or go abroad for the banquet. With the endless choice of budget airlines, it’s never been easier to take a flight and have fun in one of the great cities around. Arrange to bring along a surprise guest for the groom!